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  • ONTECH860 Electronic refrigeration preconcentrator

ONTECH860 Electronic refrigeration preconcentrator

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Hardware features:

1. Unique electronic refrigeration three-stage cold trap technology, first-level remove water trap, secondary enrichment trap, three-level deep cold focus trap;

2. No liquid nitrogen, electronic refrigeration and heating integrated design, break the traditional electronic refrigeration secondary cold well structure,better remove water and miscellaneous, and the high boiling compound recovery is better, perfectly avoid the loss of high boiling compound when the secondary cold trap water removal;

3. With the function of backward blowing heat cleaning, the residue is less than the detection limit;

4. High-speed gasification, the heating rate reaches 2000 °C / minute, with the invention patent analysis technology, making the perfect separation of the compound,meanwhile the peak type becomes narrower and higher;

5. Standard air inlet, internal standard inlet, carrying gas inlet and built-in sample have 13 injections (if do not choose built-in sampler, is 3 injections); can also be used with external automatic sampler, increased to 28 air path, can be connected to SUMMA canister or air bag to realize the automatic injection function of batch sample;

6. With the self-diagnosis function, the circuit modular design, convenient maintenance;

7. The sample pipeline is completely inert, the coating has been strictly inert tested, from the sample joint to the internal solenoid valve body by whole high temperature heating, truly do the whole sample heat companion, no cold point no adsorption;

8. Concentration ratio is greater than 1000:1;

9. Efficient water removal, while removing the water in the sample, retain the polar compounds dissolved in the water, so can concentrate PAMS57 standard sample and also concentrate TO-1565 standard sample, solve the problem, when remove water by pemeable membranes , can only concentrate PAMS57 standard sample, can not concentrate TO-15 standard sample.

Software features

1.  All the operation is controlled by the computer software, simple operation, powerful function, especially for the lack of preconcentrated experience users, easy to use;

2.  High-precision MFC mass flowmeter, mature and reliable technology;

3.  Intuitive gas circuit graphical display: valve state, cold trap temperature and gas flow rate, gas flow direction;

4.  One-key execution of many common functions: reset, operation, system purging, cold trap cleaning;

5.  Method editing function is powerful and flexible, the running time process customization, can be based on different samples and analysis requirements;

6.  Perfect data recording and export function, and support various remarks;

7. Can match any style of GC or GC-MS;

8.  Automatic leakage detection in advance before opening the canister valve, supporting two leakage detection methods, positive pressure and negative pressure,  automatically generate the leakage detection report.

9.  Preset HJ 759-2015, TO-14, TO-15, PAMS and organic sulfide methods;

10.  Defining or modifying methods without changing the hardware, users can optimize and develop more methods;

11.  Short sample operation period; powerful sequence control, comprehensive QA / QC report;

12.  Support  all Windows7 / 10 / 11 versions of the system.

Concentration conditions

1. First stage normal temperature trap:30℃~400℃;The analytical temperature is 200-400℃ adjustable

2. Second stage cold trap:-30℃~400℃;The analytical temperature is 200-400℃ adjustable

3. Three stage  cold focus trap:-30℃~400℃;The analytical temperature is 200-400℃ adjustable

4. Control accuracy: ≤±1℃。

Sensitivity and concentration range

1. Concentration ratio:> 1000:1;

2.  Lower detection limit: 0.1 ppbv;

3. Reproducibility of the RSD: 3%.

Working conditions

1. Working power supply: AC 220V± 10%, 50Hz;

2. Operating temperature: -10~50℃;

3. Relative humidity: 90%.

Sample processing capacity

1. All pipelines are made of silanized stainless steel;

2. Injection range: 4-2000ml, less than 4ml support quantitative ring injection;

3. MFC flow range: 5-100 ml/min, accuracy ± 2%;

4. Temperature control accuracy is ± 2℃.


Ontech860 Is an ultra-low concentration VOCs pre-concentration instrument with electronic refrigeration three-stage cold trap . Using the electronic cooling trap technique, the concentration ratio is greater than 1000:1,

Can match any type of GC or GC-MS, completely in accordance with 《HJ 759-2015 Ambient air-Determination of volatile organic compounds-Collected by specially-prepared canistersand analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry 》《HJ1078-2019 Stationary source emission—Determination of 8 organosulfur compounds including methanethiol—Bag sampling and preconcentration/gas chromatography mass spectrometry》and 《2019 VOCs monitoring scheme》 for the polarity (aldehyde, alcohol, ester, ketone, ether) and non-polar, sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds and other volatile organic compounds.

Effectively preconcentrate the volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds of polar (aldehyde, alcohol, ester, ketone, ether), non-polar, active sulfur and nitrogen compounds with carbon number below C12, and effectively remove H2O, CO2, N2 and inert gas in the gas sample. It can be used for the injection and concentration of various sampling devices such as SUMMA canister and gas bag.

Principle of instrument:

Electronic refrigeration atmospheric preconcentration instrument is connected in order by mass flow controller, solenoid valve, regulating valve, pressure sensor, primary normal temperature trap, secondary impurity trap and three-stage composite focus trap . Compared with the single water removal trap of the conventional electronic refrigeration secondary cold trap,the two mixed trap can further improve the water removal capacity of the equipment, perfectly avoid the loss of high boiling compounds in the traditional secondary cold trap during water removal, and the three-level independent composite focus trap helps to form better peak shape.

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