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  • ONTECH822A Capillary timing sampler

ONTECH822A Capillary timing sampler

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1. Integrated pressure display, filtration and timing

2. The fixed flow rate does not need adjustment, using capillary constant current control, accurate timing, repetitive stability, simple and reliable structure

3. Adopt full 316 stainless steel laser welding design, reduce leakage points, imported silanization 1 / 4 stainless steel pipe, strong and durable

4.  Using split design, can change different kinds of  current limiting valve.

24H / 6L, 8H / 6L, 4H / 6L, 3H / 6L, 1H / 6L, 24H / 3L, 8H / 3L, 4H / 3L, 3H / 3L, 1H / 3L, etc., other specifications can be ordered

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