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Maintenance service

After-sale service engineers of Leshi Technology and regional agents are responsible for after-sales maintenance and support work, including but not limited to installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Fast and timely after-sale service

    Experienced service engineers can provide quick and effective response to every service requirement of users; the Leshi headquarters has 400 technical support hotline, senior engineers can answer various technicalquestions

  • Perfect customer file management

    Leshi Technology sets up customer files for each user, which can track the installation and use of the system and instruments, and we has professional customer service personnel to conduct follow-up visits, paying attention to each stage of the system life cycle of the user.

  • High-quality and efficient customer training

    According to the needs of users, we provide users with different types and levels of training services, which taught by professional and high-quality training lecturers, to better support users to quickly and accurately grasp the system use and daily maintenance methods, and to provide a strong guarantee for the long-term and stable operation of the system.

The products sold are subject to a warranty period of 12 months in accordance with company standards.

During the warranty period: in addition to the human damage factors, the faults caused by quality problems, Leshi can provide free maintenance (except consumables). At the same time, we ensure that all spare parts for maintenance are genuine by the manufacturer, to protect the rights and interests of users.

Beyond the warranty period: Leshi Technology provides users with a full range ofeffective and timely maintenance services and technical support. Within the Product life cycle, Leshi Technology will reply to the maintenance suggestions and solutions within 48 hours after receiving the user's failure information.

Training services
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