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  • ONTECH825 Automatic sampler
  • ONTECH825 Automatic sampler

ONTECH825 Automatic sampler

1. Ambient air sampling;2. perimeter sampling of pollution sources;3. atmospheric grid sampling;4. emergency sampling.

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1. Adjustment in a large range of flow, can automatically complete 1~24 hours any time constant current sampling switch, without replacing the current limiting component;

2. Intelligent APP control, with scheduled regular sampling, pressure reading and automatic leakage detection functions;

3. With the function of automatic leak detection before sampling canister;

4.  The sampler flow path adopts molten silicon inert treatment to reduce adsorption;

5. Directly connected by Bluetooth to the mobile phone (APP), no need to enter a password to automatically connect, computer (software) Settings. Quality control data and reports are available to be downloaded through the computer software. It can be matched with remote 4g module to realize remote viewing and control sampling by mobile app;

6. Quality control function: sampling canister pressure detection, pressure judgment, flow calibration, flow record and other functions;

7. Lithium battery power supply, long endurance time;

8. Waterproof and dustproof, integrated particulate matter filter, suitable for outdoor sampling;

9. Equipped with portable box, host machine and random tools, which are placed in the box, easy to carry

Ontech 825 automatic sampler is specially designed for site sampling, which can realize time integral sampling or random sampling. Using rechargeable lithium battery power supply, precision electronic flow controller, suitable for site sampling, can be connected with any SUMMA canister, and meet the sampling requirements of HJ 759-2015, EPA TO-14 and TO-15. integrated flow controller, calibrated flow meter, vacuum pressure gauge, filter and timer, and the software controls flow rate, digital display pressure and sampling start and stop functions.

1. Ambient air sampling; 

2. perimeter sampling of pollution sources; 

3. atmospheric grid sampling; 

4. emergency sampling.

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