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  • SE3800 Portable GC

SE3800 Portable GC

1. Universities, scientific research institutions, laboratories, etc.,2. environmental monitor station,3. Vehicle exhaust emissions,4. Catalytic conversion and thermal combustion test,5. Engine combustion efficiency test and emission monitoring process monitor,6. Industrial boiler transformation and

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1. high sensitivity detector: miniaturization special FID detector, with flame temperature measurement function, can automatically ignite, with flame temperature judgment and flameout protection.

2. High integration: valve box, chromatographic separation module, FID detector, battery module, gas source, software workstation are all integrated in one analyzer host, with strong portability.

3. The high temperature heat companion in the whole process: from sampling to FID detector, the whole process is above 120℃ (up to 200℃), effectively solving the problem of sample loss in high temperature and high humidity gas occasions, and provide accurate test results.

4. Higher detection efficiency: advance preheating, instant measurement, battery management components support heat engine replacement, support start-up transfer, and heat engine replacement cylinder and battery. Can realize on-site multi-point transfer without repeated disassembly and installation.

5. When the benzene series detection configuration is selected, the detection of methane, total hydrocarbon, non-methane total hydrocarbon and benzene series can be once completed by one sample, and all the results can be displayed on the main interface.

6. Host spectrograph display: the analyzer host adopts a large color touch screen,which can display the test concentration and test spectrum map.

7. No need city power supply: the host has a large capacity battery, the heat tracing pipeline is equipped with large capacity mobile power supply, no need city power supply, it is safer to use.

8. Low maintenance cost: equipped with repeated filling and discharging zero cylinders, carrying gas cylinders and solid hydrogen cylinders, FID ignition wire adopts precious metal platinum wire, the life can reach more than 3 years.

TypeSE3800 Portable gas chromatograph
FunctionAnalysis methane, total hydrocarbon,    non-methane total hydrocarbon, benzene series and other VOCs
Overall Size410mm(L)x280mm(W)x235mm(H)
Host weightAbout 10Kg(Only    host weight)
DetectorHigh-sensitivity FID detector
Detection principleGC-FID;Chromatic column separation
Electronic flow controlPressure control accuracy 0.001psi
Analysis periodMinimum period of total non-methane    hydrocarbon less than 1min; benzene series 5min
Range0-30000ppm(can customize)
Minimum detection≤0.1ppm
AccuracyRange ≤±1%
Operation panelPortable HD, industrial tablet (optional)
CommunicationLocal and WIFI, support tablet remote    control
Power supplyBuilt-in power supply, cruising power is    more than 7 hours
Probe temperature200℃ Max
Column / valve box temperature200℃ Max
Ambient temperature0℃~45℃
work environment10-90%RH
Qualitative repeatablity≤1.0%
Quantitative repeatability≤1.0%
Display unitcan switch concentration unit between ppm    and mg/m3

Heat traced pipeline 

The maximum temperature can reach 200℃, and the whole process of sampling and analysis can be kept in a high temperature state to prevent condensation, and can effectively prevent the hydrocarbon loss caused by the condensation of high molecular weight hydrocarbons in the injection pipeline.

High temperature sampling tube, the front end of the sampling tube is equipped with 0.5 micron filter.

principle of operation 

According to the national standard pretreatment method, the sample gas to be measured first enters the analyzer,and then quantify by quantitative ring, through the valve switches into the column for separation, and the total hydrocarbon, methane or characteristic factors in turn reach the hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), and the concentration of multiple components is detected respectively. Finally, the accurate total hydrocarbon, methane, non-methane total hydrocarbon and characteristic factors are calculated by the built-in processor. 

In line with 《HJ 1012-2018 Ambient air and stationary source emission—Specifications and test procedures for hydrocarbons, methane and nonmethane hydrocarbons portable total monitoring instrument》

 《HJ 38-2017 Stationary source emission―Determination of total hydrocarbons,methane and nonmethane hydrocarbons―Gas chromatography》

SE 3800 Portable non-methane total hydrocarbon gas chromatography analyzer adopts GC-FID column separation principle, composed of valve, valve box, detector, gas circuit control system and computer control system. Using exquisite structure design, portable high strength case, fully adapt to the requirements of portable use. The detector is a hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), and the gas circuit control is completely controlled by EPC, which can realize full automatic flow regulation.

SE 3800 Computer control system, combined microcomputer and exclusive software  to temperature control the valve box, detector , as well as the flow control of the whole pipeline, to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the instrument.

SE 3800 Portable total hydrocarbon / non-methane total hydrocarbon gas chromatography analyzer is an instrument to measure the total concentration of volatile organic compounds, is a cost-effective portable gas chromatography,The whole process is accompanied high temperature with heat, no cold point.

1. Universities, scientific research institutions, laboratories, etc.,

2. environmental monitor station,

3. Vehicle exhaust emissions,

4. Catalytic conversion and thermal combustion test,

5. Engine combustion efficiency test and emission monitoring process monitor,

6. Industrial boiler transformation and optimization and emission detection of natural gas leakage detection,

7. Semiconductor electronic device products factory,

8. tobacco industry,

9. Coating and paint painting workshop,

10. Solvent incineration and absorption.

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