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  • 9100HFID Portable THC、CH4、NMHC Analyzer

9100HFID Portable THC、CH4、NMHC Analyzer

1. Routine monitoring of the ecological environment2. Automobile exhaust emission testing3. Natural gas pipeline leakage detection4. Industrial boiler transformation and emission testing5. Engine combustion efficiency test and emission monitoring6. Universities and scie

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1. Dual-heated FID detector, simultaneous detection and real-time display of total hydrocarbon / methane / non-methane

2. Simple operation, sub-second real-time reading in worksite.

3. Built-in zero gas, combustion auxiliary gas generator;

4. A variety of fuel gas and gas cylinders are optional;

5. Small in size, strong and durable;

6. Integrated heating and sampling pipeline (temperature adjustable);

7. Detachable PTFE sample air filter;

8. Configured multiple range,can quickly switch without shutdown restart 

9. Equipped with the Internet of Things terminal system, can achieve the perfect presentation of data;

10. Expandable: temperature, pressure, flow rate, humidity, oxygen, PID detection.

Configuration typeDetector temperatureRange(Unit optional ppm or mg/m3)
Cold state FID(CFID-THC/NMHC)120℃single FID detectorRangeA:0-1000ppm
Thermal state FID(HFID-THC/NMHC)200℃single FID detectorRangeA:0-1000ppm
Methane and non-methane Thermal state FID

200℃Dual FID detectorRangeA:0-1000ppm












Detecting technologyDouble-heated type catalysis-FID
Detecting unitppm or mg/m3(unit optional)
Detecting range(can customize)Range A:0—1000
User can set:0-1/5/10/50/100/500/1000    Resolution:0.01
Range B:0—10000
User can set:0-10/50/100/500/1000/5000/10000    Resolution:0.1
Range C:0—100000
User can set:0-100/500/1000/5000/10000/50000/100000    Resolution:1
Response time<2S
Linearity± 0.5%FSD or 2% of 
 measured value
Zero drift<2%FS/24h
Detection limit≤0.05mg/m3
Fuel consumption70ml/minH2 or 360ml/minH2He
Hydrocarbon removal airBuilt-in hydrocarbon removal air generator
Operation condition.-20-45℃ ambient temperature
Signal output type0-10Vdc、4-20mA、modbus
OptionColor touchscreen front panel, built-in SD card and USB interface    for data recording and upload software upgrades.

9100HFID Portable THC、CH4、 NMHC Analyzer

9I00HFIDAnalyzer adopts dual-heated hydrogen flame ionization detector (HFID) combined with high temperature catalytic module design, which is a classic method of measuring volatile organic compounds (THC, VOC, TOC, NMHC), the equipment is suitable for the detection of volatile organic pollutants in various industrial environment air and waste gas of fixed pollution sources. Widely used in fixed source emissions, thermal reactor emissions, combustion device emissions, volatile organic solvent leakage, vehicle exhaust emissions, conventional environmental air detection, medical industry pollution waste gas and other detection.

The analyzer has a very good response to hydrocarbons, alcohols, lipids, ketones and aromatic compounds. The whole high temperature sampling, high temperature filtration and high temperature rapid analysis can quickly nondestructively detect sample gas, which can effectively prevent high molecular weight volatile organic compounds and thermal wet sample gas from condensation loss in the detection process.

1. Detection method: catalytic oxidation + double heating FID, no need to switch between total hydrocarbon / methane measurement;

2. It can simultaneously detect the total hydrocarbon THC, non-methane total hydrocarbon NMHC, methane CH4, flue gas parameters (O2, humidity, flow rate, temperature, pressure and other related parameters);

3.Using high-precision EPC control unit and ring quantitative ring technology to accurately control the flow of hydrogen, combustion-supporting air and sample gas;

4.Automatic control in whole process(automatic heating, automatic ignition, automatic calibration and other functions), the highest heating temperature can reach 200℃;

5. Data files are automatically recorded and stored, and the recording time interval can be set.

Fully meet following Standard:

1. EN13526;

2. EN12619;

3. 《HJ/T38--2017》The NMHC calculation method and FID detection technology

4. 《DB11/T1367—2016》Stationary source emission- Determination of methane / total hydrocarbons / Non-methane hydrocarbons-Portable hydrogen flame ionization detector method 

5. 《HJ1012—2018》Ambient air and stationary source emission—Specifications and test procedures for hydrocarbons, methane and nonmethane hydrocarbons portable 

total monitoring instrument

6. 《GB17691-2018 Limits and measurement methods for emissions from diesel fuelled heavy-duty vehicles》

7. 《GB18352.6-2016 Limits and measurement methods for emissions from light-duty vehicles

1. Routine monitoring of the ecological environment

2.  Automobile exhaust emission testing

3.  Natural gas pipeline leakage detection

4.  Industrial boiler transformation and emission testing

5.  Engine combustion efficiency test and emission monitoring

6.  Universities and scientific research 

7.  Tobacco industry, paint spraying

8.  Semiconductor electronic device production

9.  Organic solvent incineration and absorption

10.  Emission monitoring of various industrial enterprises

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