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  • 9100HIR Portable gas analyzer
  • 9100HIR Portable gas analyzer

9100HIR Portable gas analyzer

1. Electric power industry (desulfurization and denitrification, ammonia escape, etc.)2. Research institutes (catalyst research, etc.)3. Environmental monitoring (high temperature, low sulfur, ultra-net emissions, etc.)4. Petroleum and petrochemical5. Boiler test6. waste incineration7. Industrial wa

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1. HIR gas analyzer system in small format

2. continuous, extractive measurement of up to 10 infrared components and oxygen

3. no instrument air necessary

4. 185°C high temperature in the whole process

5. Each component has been tested and verified by the authoritative institutions

6. Built-in sampling pump

7. Available online

8. Integrated control

9. integrated zero gas provision with ambient air

10. visual operating (software for free)

11. High performance-cost ratio

12. The measurement components and range can be customized

Measuring range


Meas. Range 1

Meas. Range 2

Meas. Range 3


0-75 mg/m³

0-0300 mg/m³

0-5000 mg/m³


0-25 vol. %

0-50 vol. %



0-100 mg/m³

0-400 mg/m³

0-3000 mg/m³


0-50 mg/m³

0-500 mg/m³



0-50 mg/m³

0-3000 mg/m³



0-10 mg/m³

0-50 mg/m³

0-500 mg/m³


0-50 mg/m³

0-300 mg/m³

0-2500 mg/m³


0-15 mg/m³

0-90 mg/m³

0-5000 mg/m³


0-40 vol. %




0-50 mg/m³

0-500 mg/m³



0-25 vol. %




0-10 mg/m³

0-100 mg/m³

0-1000 mg/m³

The measurement components and range can be customized

                 Technical data                

Host dimension:

483 mm x 421 mm x 425 mm(Length x width x height), IP 54

Measuring principle:

Single-beam and double-wavelength infrared principle(NO2,SO2,H2O,CO2)

Infrared principles of gas-dependent filtration(CO,NO,HCL,NH3,N2O,CH4)

-The principle of zirconia(O2)

Number of meas. components:

Up to 10 infrared components and oxygen

Ambient temperature :


Relative humidity:

Maximum 90%(Non-condensation)


< 1% of scale

Zero point correction:

Automatical with ambient air

Sensitivity correction:

with test gas, once in 6 months

Sampling mode:

Sampling pump

Media temperature:

Max. 200

Optical measuring instrument:

Spectrum range:1-16µm

Gas path:whole process185 (Higher temperatures on request)

optical path length of measuring cell :2-12m adjustable

Fixed capacity of measuring cell:1L

Filter diameter of grain:2µm

Operation and data storage:

Software operation by USB connection

Output (optional):

analog output, numeric   output ,Modbus,Porfibus,can customize on request

Power supply:

220 VAC ,50 Hz

 1.With high temperature sampling in the whole process, high temperature filtration, high temperature rapid analysis, to avoid water interference

2.No need gas drying, dilution, condensation and other pretreatment; High temperature resistant sampling tubing, high temperature sampler and analyzer constitute a full heating analysis system, which can directly analyze samples, and ensure that the measurement results are true, accurate and reliable

3. Multicomponent gas analysis such as: O2,CO2,H2O,SO2, NO. NO2.N2O, NH3, HCL, CO, CH4, CH2O and other gases

4. The analyzer is equipped with data acquisition system, remote control system and printer, which can record and print the field monitoring data in real time

Based on single-beam and double-wavelength infrared principle :

In the principle of single beam and double wavelength, a measuring filter and a reference filter are imported into the optical path, so the band intercepted by the measuring filter is just within the infrared absorption wavelength of the measured component, and the band intercepted by the reference filter is outside the infrared absorption range of the measured component, so light intensity with measured gas affect and without measured gas affect can be calculated separately.

Based on infrared principles of gas-dependent filtration: 

In the gas correlation filtration principle, the optical filtration performance of the measurement filter and the reference filter are the same. In order to saturate the infrared absorption, the infrared spectrum of the specific substance has almost completely subsided, and the reference filter contains a gas filter tank with a high concentration of gas.

The principle of zirconia:

The measurement of oxygen is based on the principle of a zirconia battery. Inside the original, the measuring gas and the reference gas (ambient air) are separated by the zirconium metal film. According to the partial pressure of oxygen, the oxygen ions move on the membrane, forming a potential difference. The sampling pump provides a constant oxygen concentration for the measurement, so the energy consumed can be measured as the measured oxygen concentration.

Portable 9100 HIR gas analyzer  is a set of extraction type continuous measurement system. It can be used for the continuous emission monitoring of gas pollutants (e. g., CO, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, CH4, HCI, SO2,) and the measurement of CO2, H2O and O2. It can also be used in continuous process control, desulfurization, denitration, catalyst, ammonia escape and other fields.

Portable 9100 HIR can be used in emission monitoring, pollution source flue gas monitoring, process monitoring and many other occasions. It can provide corresponding exhaust concentration monitoring for different types of fuel combustion, waste incineration, combustion process optimization and process management and control.

9100HIR measures the concentrations of up to 11 infrared gas components and evaluates them internally. Double-segment measuring range can be automatically switched, Visualisation, operating and data logging are realised via the delivered software

The unique characteristic is that adopt infrared measurement principle, with high temperature gas analysis in the  whole process.Instrument air supply is not necessary for its operation. The zero point setting is carried out with ambient air.

Adopting high temperature measurement method (without using refrigerator, avoid dissolution reaction, reduce the loss) heat and wet state analysis, the high temperature heating 185℃, water is gaseous, without water removal,directly analysis together with water content,can avoid the dissolution of the low concentration NO2, SO2, HCL, NH3 and other gases in the water removal process, especially suitable for the detection of low concentration NO2, SO2   after desulfurization denitration and ammonia escape,  optional minimum range SO2 is 0-50 mg/m3,  optional minimum range NH 3 is 0-10mg / m3;

Adopting the international advanced and mature original state sampling, original state analysis method. High temperature sampling, high temperature filtration, high temperature rapid analysis in the whole process, without gas drying, dilution, cooling and other pretreatment, direct analysis of samples, detection accuracy can reach 1% FS, and can achieve high precision measurement, measurement results are more real and reliable;

1. Electric power industry (desulfurization and denitrification, ammonia escape, etc.)

2. Research institutes (catalyst research, etc.)

3. Environmental monitoring (high temperature, low sulfur, ultra-net emissions, etc.)

4. Petroleum and petrochemical

5. Boiler test

6. waste incineration

7. Industrial waste gas

8. Cement industry 

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