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  • ONTECH320 LDAR Portable VOC gas analyzer

ONTECH320 LDAR Portable VOC gas analyzer

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   1. Complete machine with explosion-proof design

    The whole circuit of the analyzer adopts Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, the core FID detector module adopts flame-proof design, and the hand operator adopts Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, which can meet the operating requirements in places with explosive dangerous gas.

   2. Strong on-site detection ability

   Optional FID and PID dual detector, ONTECH320 can respond to most organic gas and some inorganic gas, response time is less than 3.5 seconds, it is suitable for on-site leakage screening of volatile organic gas and trace investigation of inorganic odor gas; With compact structure design, lightweight devices and composite materials, the host weight is only 3.7kg,which is easy to carry to industrial site.

  3. New-generation portable field solutions

   (1)Suitable for network applications, one-click upload to the cloud platform, operation is more convenient; 

   (2) Hand operator can scan and call image type point information, more efficient;

   (3) The operator and analyzer adopts wireless connection, more flexible than traditional instrument interface operation; 

   (4) Humanized accessory design; 

   (5) Safe and fast hydrogen charging and discharging module, hydrogen filling within 10s and discharging within 1min; 

  (6)Wireless transmission: adopting high reliability industrial wifi module, can realize stable and fast data transmission between the operator and analyzer.




FID and PID optional


FID 1.0-50000 Methane    0.5-2000ppm Isobutylene

Detection limit

FID 0.5ppm    PID0.5ppm Isobutylene


FID500ppm Methane,<2%     PID100ppm    Isobutylene,<1%

Response time

When FID inlet 10000 Methane,T90<3.5s   When PID inlet    500ppm Isobutylene,T90<3.5s

Continuous working hours

H2>10h     Battery>10h



Working temperature

-10- 45℃


EX d ia ⅡC T4 Gb



Equipped with FID (Hydrogen flame ionization detector) and PID (Photoion detector),

Ontech 320 Portable volatile organic compounds gas analyzer is responsive to most of the toxic and harmful gases (including volatile organic gases and some common inorganic gases that cause an odor). The whole analyzer is small in volume, light in weight, has good detection performance and simple in operation, it can meet the requirements of customers for rapid and accurate analysis at the testing site, and meanwhile meets the application requirements of rapid detection of total hydrocarbon from daily emission in 《Standard for fugitive emission of volatile organic compounds》(GB37822-2019).

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